Axicon PV-1000

The PV-1000 unit can be used with any of the following linear barcode verifiers –

the 6015, 6515 and 7015 – and it allows you to carry out verification without any connection to a laptop or PC. You can see the overall grade for each symbol, as well as the values for individual parameters while you are using it. The PV-1000 will also keep all your results as text or Axicon’s .scn files which you cantransfer to your PC using a USB memory stick. This means the results can be recorded as part of any quality control system.

We can also supply a portable printer if you need to be able to print these reports immediately off-site. (If you already have a printer with a standard serial (RS232) printer, then this would work perfectly too.) Both the PV-1000 and the printer are battery powered and they will work for approximately 8 hours before needing to be recharged, or have the four AA batteries changed.

We also have a protective rubber cover for the PV-1000 which will give it greater protection, if you need this.

Please note that the PV-1000 is not compatible with any of the S-range or two-dimensional barcode verifiers.

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